How to Wear Perfume

Perfume can be used as a communication tool
to create and convey messages.
Similar to fashion, perfume can represent
your unique personal style
or an ideal image you wish to project.
Selecting a perfume
according to the setting or
occasion helps to create
a more elegant and stronger impression.

Basic guide to wearing perfume

Thing to do before applying perfume

Perfume is applied directly onto the skin. Therefore, your skin must be cleansed thoroughly, such as by showering before applying a perfume, allowing you to enjoy the perfume fully.

Relationship between perfume and temperature

A combination of your body odor and the perfume, which is affected by your body temperature, creates a unique scent.
Perfume is extremely delicate and smells differently depending on the season and weather.

How much perfume you should wear

You can apply a perfume by Serge Lutens either by hand to apply it directly onto the skin, or with a spray bottle.
If you wish to apply a perfume by hand, dispense one to two drops.
If you wish to apply it with a spray bottle, press it once or twice.

Where to apply perfume

Spray the perfume along the inside of your arms and legs where body temperature tends to be higher than other areas. The perfume will be released as you move, from the the inside of both the knees and ankles in particular, allowing you to enjoy a waft of perfume coming from your lower half.

When to apply perfume

Maturing of a perfume occurs with the passing of time.
When you are meeting someone, determine when to apply perfume carefully before going out. You need time for the perfume to mature naturally.

How to enjoy perfume in various ways

If you wish to avoid applying a perfume directly onto your skin, apply it on the liner of your clothing. Dark color liners tend to hide most stains.
You can also apply it onto a tag or care label. Alternatively, you can apply it onto a fan or handkerchief.


Where you should avoid applying perfume

It is best to avoid the neck, décolleté, and other areas exposed to the direct sunlight.
You should also avoid common areas of sweating on the body, such as the forehead and underarms.

Select perfume appropriately according to the time, place and occasion

Different people may react differently to the scent of a perfume. It is best to avoid a strong perfume when you spend a long time with many people, or when you visit a restaurant.
Applying a perfume on your lower half should prevent you from ruining the dining experience for yourself and others.

Items on which you must avoid applying perfume

You must avoid clothing, accessories, and leather goods such as shoes and bags.
The alcohol content in a perfume may damage those materials.

How to Store Perfume

  • Replace the cap securely after each use.
  • Store in a dark place throughout the year where the temperature remains relatively stable.
  • Store away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Once opened, use it as soon as possible.