A perfume stimulates the senses.
It is a tonic for the sprit.
A perfume is an impalpable illusion,
a substance with depth.
It is our own shadow.
It is a luxurious mirage,
a majestic choreography
in the inner palace of our mind,
or an architecture of exquisite crystal.


Perfume, make-up, films, and photography…,
he creates his own eternal beauty in multiple fields. The artist is described as a “French visionary and philosophe.”
Beauty, unquestionable authenticity, and his perfectionist obsession give him the impulse for his creations.

“Time traveler”
This expression best defines Serge Lutens.
Not just a traveler, he is also an architect of dreams.
His childhood memories, universe of dreams, and numerous myths… all of these come together in Serge Lutens’ perfumes, which transcend reality and provide glimpses of a brand new world of scents.


Born on March 14 in Lille, France.
Invited by Christian Dior to work as an art director for make-up product development. This collaboration endured for 12 years.
Signed on with Shiseido to direct the brand’s visual identity and global image development.
Creative direction of package design and the advertising campaign for the perfume “Nombre Noir.”
Renewal of Shiseido’s INOUI line. Its publicity film won the Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
Opened “Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido,” his first perfume house. He started thorough perfume creation.
Launched his own brand, “Parfums Beauté Serge Lutens,” later renamed “Serge Lutens.”
Launched the luxury make-up line “Nécessaire de beauté.”
Honored as Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Republic.


The bottles of the same shape hold a precious and fragrant essence that invites you into a journey of imagination.

You will experience nostalgia, magnificence, and elevation during this journey...
Once captivated, you will never be able to resist.
Our scents embody the aesthetic sense of the person who wears it, akin to invisible jewels.
That is the creation of Serge Lutens.